The Palmares Golf Course In Lagos: Top 10 Things To Consider

The following information on Palmares golf course in Lagos should give you everything you have ever wanted to know about this magnificent course, so that you are well armed with information the next time you are looking for a good place to go and have some fun.

  1. Nature’s finest
  2. This golf course is one of the few that are designed in such a manner that they blend in with the natural surroundings so easily, without interfering with the environment

  3. Facilities
  4. There are lots of facilities that are available in this course, pretty much everything you will ever need in a complete golf course. Rest assured that whatever you are looking for, whatever you need, you will certainly find it here

  5. Seaside setting
  6. The seaside setting for this course is one of the other reasons why there are so many people who fancy this course. Besides, it is internationally acclaimed, and you would not want to miss the chance to enjoy a round of golf right here.

  7. Legendary designer
  8. This is one of the growing number of incredible courses that were designed by legendary golf course designer Robert Trent Jones II. Therefore you can look forward to an exquisite experience when you are playing a round or two with your friends here.

  9. Accommodation packages
  10. There are lots of accommodation packages that are currently available for those who are interested in playing golf on this course. All of these are luxury packages, which means that you pretty much have a good chance of having the time of your life here, in one of the world’s finest golf resorts so far

  11. Best in Europe
  12. There is a very good reason why there are lots of professionals who love to play on this course. Ranked among the top 100 golf courses in Europe in the year 2013, this is perhaps a good place for you to think about.

  13. Classic holes
  14. Besides being among the best in the continent, the 19th hole in this course is also ranked among the top 100 classic golf holes, so you really have so much to play for

  15. Real estate facilities
  16. There are a number of real estate facilities that are available on the course, making it a good place to purchase or lease a unit.

  17. Beach house
  18. There are plans underway to design one of the finest beach houses ever for those who are interested in owning property here

  19. Holes
  20. In the event that you fancy a game on a 27 hole course, look no further.