What To Know About The Espiche Golf Course In Algarve

The Espiche golf course in Algarve, Portugal is one that you can enjoy on your own, or with friends who are on a decent level of play. There are various reasons players from across the world frequent this par 72 course and if you haven’t tried it yet, it comes highly recommended. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of this course that make it so popular.

A view to remember

The Monchique Mountains are in full view from the Espiche golf course; a magnificent sight that is hard to beat. The course is also surrounded by wine farms and grape plantations which at certain times of the year make for an awesome atmosphere to accompany your game. The scenery and surrounding forestation give the player a good idea of what the Portuguese countryside looks like beyond the course.

Testing variant aspects of your game

The course switches up between what shots are needed to navigate through it. For this reason, golfers should make sure they are adept at all sorts of shots. Approach shots are of utmost importance and so are short play techniques. Being good at general chipping will also put you in a position to beat your opponent more easily. Be sure to also work on your bunker play—just in case.

Having a strong drive will also prove to be an advantage on this course as some of the holes are long yet relatively unhindered by too many obstacles. They will still require lots of concentration though, so stay as focused as you can while playing.

Fairway play

Lots of strategy will be required when putting at the Espiche golf course. Many of the fairways form part of natural inclines—so knowing which way the ball will roll is something to get familiar with during your putting practice. The fairways are generally wide, so despite the challenge, you are sure to enjoy this part of the course.

Close towns

The charming little beach village of Luz is close to the Espiche golf course and it is worth a tour if you have the time before or after your game. Lagos is a paradisiacal beach location that is also within driving distance from the course, and your partner will find it an ideal romantic spot for a picnic or a swim.