4 Keys To Hitting A Successful Punch Shot In Golf

The punch shot has almost everything to do with how you address the ball. The swing will deliver a punch shot automatically as long as you are standing correctly and not trying to scoop the ball. Remember, you want the ball to fly low so that it isn’t too affected by wind resistance. So here are the correct ways to address your ball (and finally conduct your swing) in order to achieve a punch shot.

  1. Club grip and face angle
  2. Your grip can be pushed slightly forward when addressing the ball for a punch. This will help to angle your clubface correctly and also lend you more control when you swing. Players often make the mistake of thinking they have to close the clubface in order to direct the ball lower; however this will only mess up your aim. Trust that stance and positioning will allow for a standard clubface angle.

  3. Weight distributed more to the left
  4. Place about 60% of your entire body weight to the left. This plays a large part in directing your ball low instead of high. If you do this successfully, the clubface can be held at its proper angle and still deliver a punch shot.

  5. Ball slightly right of the centre
  6. You should stand in such a way that the ball is just right of the centre. Don’t overdo it though, because having this ball position is essential to hitting a decent punch shot. If the ball is too far left or right, you run the risk of either giving height to the ball, or hitting a thin shot.

  7. Not too much power in your swing
  8. Aim for about 80% of your normal swing power. You may think that this is counter intuitive because you are trying to drive your ball through the wind. However, you must compensate for the fact that the ball is flying low and that it will be missing the wind for the most part. If you hit too hard, you may gain height on the ball, or overshoot your target.

Remember, you don’t need to attempt to hit the ball anywhere but the sweet spot. Your setup and club will do the rest of the work for you. Just ensure that you have positioned yourself correctly to the ball and that you are holding your club properly. Weight distribution plays a big part in how your ball will move so keep that in mind too.