5 Effective Golf Tips on How to Hit a Short Putt

It is easy to manage like a chip shot

A putt shot is the one which is played on the green. A putter club rolls the ball with a top-spin along the green due to its low loft. You need to practice putt shots religiously to master them. At least 30-40 three-footers in one session will help you come out of the circle of drills. Sometimes, your putter might betray you several times in a round. But do not get disheartened. It is not very difficult to get your hands on the short putt. Go through the tips mentioned below and you will see improvement in your game if you follow them:

More than 40% golf shots are putt shots. Half of these putts shots are short-putts. The length of putts varies for every player. With the length of put, the conversion rate differs from person to person.

  1. The face of the putter is your guide
  2. The direction your golf ball takes to travel depends largely on the face angle of the putter you are using. The face angle is the determining factor of the 83% of the beginning line. The direction of the putter path determines the rest 17%. You need to keep it absolutely appropriate.

  3. Find the appropriate speed for your short-putt
  4. A putt shot that travels at a less than appropriate speed stops too early and misses the hole on the lower side. On the other hand, excessive speed makes the putt break very late and misses the hole on the higher side. When you miss the putt shot, find out a way to roll the putts at least 17 inches or more, past the hole. You can add an evaluation of speed to analyze the missed putts. This will help you control the speed of the ball overtime.

  5. Get your shots nearer to the hole
  6. Since more than 20% of your shots in a round of golf are short-puts, you must focus on getting your pitches, lag putts and chips nearer to the hole. If you are able to reduce the distance even by a foot, your putts in a round will fall down significantly.

  7. Chipping with a putter
  8. You might have left the long putts at short distance from the hole because you wanted to prefer accuracy and not power. Try to overcome this habit by adding the chipping motion to the putting shot. You might like to think it as “chipping with a putter club”.

  9. Control the length of backswing
  10. You need to control the length of your backswing to hit the short putts. The backswing has to be shorter than you take it in case of other shots.