Golf Lessons: How to Hit a Good Shot from the Collar

Hitting a good collar shot is something that will require practice. Beginners may quickly learn how challenging hitting a shot of this nature can be. This is the area around the golf course or the green’s edge. In most cases you can make some changes to your stance and choke down as you swing. You technique may vary depending on the condition of the greens and the direction you want the ball to go. The good news is there are a few things you can do to improve chances of hitting a good shot from the collar with the following tips.

  • Change up your grip. How you usually hit the ball won’t be effective at this point. You may need to try a few different grips until you can find something more suitable. Your grip makes a difference because it will help you achieve more control over ball movement.
  • Use your stance to play into the play. Pay attention to body placements before you take your shot. This may also vary from what you would usually do but pay more attention to your legs and how you want to address the ball. You can use this to help you play into the shot a little easier.
  • Consider changing irons depending on the hole you are playing and your position on the collar. This can help you achieve more control of the shot. You may have at least one other iron in mind when preparing for the shot that can get the job done with more contact being made with the ball.
  • Watch how you hit the ball and consider changing the angle of the club head. Some may suggest trying to hit the ball with the tip of the club head. This could help you get the ball moving to a further direction if the target is further out. Certain areas of the club head may be useful once you know how to hit with it.
  • Review techniques pros use. The pros have a few favorite ways to take this shot. You can read about them in reputable golf magazines. A few of them also have videos to provide further insight on how to position your body to make good contact with the ball.
  • Practice. The best way to see results even if you don’t take these types of shots often is to practice.