How to Shoot Lower Golf Scores Easily

Far too many golfers make the mistake of thinking they need to drastically change their golf swing in order to shoot lower scores. A better golf swing will help, of course, but you can get just as far with smart decision making and good strategy. If you want to shoot lower golf scores in the near future, focus more of your effort on making the right choices throughout your round and avoiding bad mistakes that cost you multiple shots.

Following are three tips that can help to improve your course management in the very next round you play. Sometimes, all it takes is better attention to the small details that happen throughout a round to make your score look better at the end of the day.

  • Set a target score. It is easy to make mental mistakes if you don’t have a specific goal in mind, so decide what your aim is before the start of the round. This will depend on the type of golfer you are, and the difficulty of the course you are playing. If you usually shoot in the low 90’s, make breaking 90 your goal and then pick your shots accordingly. No matter what your goal is, you can use it to decide how aggressive or conservative to play all throughout the round.
  • Eliminate three putts. Spending extra strokes on the greens is the fastest way to ruin your score. By avoiding three putting throughout the round, you will tighten up your scorecard and reduce those additional shots that really cost you in the end. To help make sure that you three putt as rarely as possible, practice your speed control on long putts before the round starts. Greens speeds vary from course to course, so get out early and find tune your touch before heading to the first tee.
  • No penalty shots. It is almost impossible to recover from adding too many penalty shots to your scorecard. If you are facing a shot over water or near out of bounds, play safe and steer clear of the trouble as best you can. Even if you don’t hit quite as good of a shot as you possibly could have, the tradeoff will be worth it for avoiding having to add those costly penalties to your score. There will be plenty of time for aggressive shots when you aren’t playing such a challenging hole.