Buying a Used Set of Golf Clubs

Golf is a great game, but it is not always a cheap one. Just getting started in golf - buying clubs, shoes, clothes, balls, gloves, etc. - can get quite expensive. If you are a new golfer who hasn’t played for very long, you are likely wanting to get started while spending as little money as possible. The good news is there are several ways in which you can acquire all of the equipment you need to get started without breaking the bank.

One of the best ways to save money is to buy a used set of clubs. Thanks to the power of the internet, used clubs are easier than ever to find, and many of them have years of useful life left in them. With the help of the tips below, you should be able to sort through your options and find a used set of golf clubs that will be right for you.

  • Men’s or Women’s. This is an obvious tip, but make sure you are getting clubs that are intended for your gender. Men’s and Women’s clubs are specifically engineered to work for the average member of each sex, and playing with the wrong clubs will make the game even harder than it is.
  • Cavity Back or Blade Irons. When shopping for used golf clubs, make sure you know if you want to purchase cavity back or blade style irons. Cavity back irons are best for new players who need a little help getting the ball into the air, while blade irons are generally best left to experienced golfers who have at least a moderate level of skill.
  • Steel or Graphite Shafts. Much like the previous point, you will also need to know if you are in search of steel or graphite shafts for your clubs. Many golfers like to have steel shafts in their irons and graphite shafts in their driver and fairway metals, but the choice is up to you. Try out some clubs with both and make up your own mind.
  • Keep an eye on the grooves. The grooves on a set of irons are usually the first thing to wear out, so check on the condition of the grooves on any used set that you are thinking of purchasing. If the grooves are in good shape, you might have found a set that can serve you well for years to come.