Tee Times - How to Use Them

Tee times are reserved times golfers play on the course. You can have a specific time allotted to tee off on the course. This is like having a reservation to play and when that time comes up, whether it be in the morning or afternoon, you and whoever is set to golf with you (as a group of players for example) would tee off at the hole. Tee time makes it possible for golfers to play their rounds on the course but some courses may not require players to set them. In most cases, it is suggested players contact the course prior to their visit to learn if it is required.

Purpose of Tee Time

As mentioned earlier, you may not need to have tee time reserved but it depends on the course. Most courses require you to reserve playing time well in advance. It is said that it is proper etiquette to reserve tee time, especially if you have not visited the course before. Tee time helps players stay organized while on the course while maintaining good flow between holes. Times are set by intervals up to 15 minutes apart. Times are set depending on the policy of the course and ensure players move around on the course in an organized manner.

When to Make Reservations

Making reservations depends on the policy of the course. In many cases you can set tee time up several days prior to your visit. Other courses may allow you to reserve time up to a year in advance. You may have the option to set your time online or by phone. Some courses offer the option for players to use a third party service that will make reservations for them online, such as a tee time reservation service.

Additional Information You Should Know about Tee Time

Tee times may not need to be required to play golf, but you should check ahead with the course to review their policy. Each course is different and tee time may depend on the type of course, such as public or private. You can check online for tee time availability with courses that offer this option or through a third party service provider. You should learn what happens if you happen to miss your tee time, arrive late, or arrive without a time set.