Should I Spend My Money On The Quinta do Lago North Golf Course?

The Quinta do Lago North Golf Course was redeveloped and opened to visitors in 2014. The course was redesigned by Beau Welling. An astronomical sum of 9.6 million Euros has been spent for its upgrade, and to make it one of the finest new golf courses in Portugal.

To answer the question under discussion here, we only need to hear what McGinley has to say about the Quinta do Lago North. According to him the economic situation around the world is unfavorable to attract huge number of visitors to the course. So, the challenge for the designers was to make the course more playable; to offer the best value for the time and money the visitors spend on the course.

A course everyone can enjoy

The word ‘playable’ or ‘playability’ is used in its broadest sense. One of the reasons for the upgrade was to create a course that offered something to everyone. Irrespective of your skill level or your expectations for a golf course, you’ll find that Quinta do Lago North has something to provide which all golfers desperately want.

Regular visitors who attended the opening were amazed, as so will you when you see it, at the improvement in the quality of the course. The new course has plenty of green on the approach and vast swathes of fairway to enjoy. That said, I would also like to make it very clear, that playing here is no walk in the park, either. Every aspect of your game will be put to test in Quinta do Lago North Golf Course.

To make people want to play here again and again, the course has been made as visual as possible. When you hit the ball you can clearly see where it’s going. A case in point is the eighteenth hole where more than 80 percent of the green is observable.

The course is a visual treat

You’ll also appreciate the beautiful landscape around the course. It’s situated in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, and to the right you get the awesome view of the sea. The region is a paradise for bird watchers and morning walkers. There are many fine accommodations and dining options around the golf course are excellent.

The fact that there are many well known courses in the same region, just a few minutes from Quinta do Lago North, is not lost on the owners. Every measure has been taken to make this is a world class course. Their efforts paid off at the World Golf Awards when the course was named as the ‘Best New Golf Course in Europe.’ All in all, the Quinta do Lago North is worth every penny you spend.