Golf Drills To Improve Impact: 5 Useful Suggestions

Many are the players who are still struggling with impact when it comes to playing golf, but this is not supposed to be the case anymore. Impact is one of those things that you actually should learn as early as you can, particularly because it is one of the basics that you need to pay attention to. There are so many people who actually have been able to learn so much about their playing style, eventually improving their game style too, by simply working on their impact.

If you want to make some improvements that will go a long way into the game for you, look no further than this. It will be well worth your time to pay attention to the importance of impact training. To make things even better, this is something that you can work on over time with your trainer, and then after a while you can start working on your impact all on your own.

The following are some of the best possible drills that you can consider when you are looking to improve your impact:

  • Focus on your shoulder and front foot

  • Keep your front arm straight

  • Tilting your shoulders

  • Maintain your front wrist flat

  • Keep the front leg straight

Focus on your shoulder and front foot

Your upper body is supposed to be stacked over the lower body, so that the downswing can be effective, and deliver the kind of contact that you desire. To do this, make sure you shift your weight to the front side, and then allow your body to unwind naturally following this shift.

Keep your front arm straight

The trailing arm is supposed to become straight slowly from the 90-degree position that you had at the top of the stroke. The front arm on the other hand is supposed to stay extended through this.

Tilting your shoulders

Make sure that you can keep your shoulders tilted at the setup. Tilt them away from the target so that the backhand grip comes lower than the front hand. Make sure you maintain this even at impact.

Maintain your front wrist flat

Keeping your front wrist flat means that the head of your club will not go beyond your hands before you strike the ball, hence assuring you of proper impact.

Keep the front leg straight

Make sure that you maintain your front leg straight through the swing, but bend your trailing leg.