An Advanced Golf Tutorial: The Secret of Effective Iron Play

Effective iron play is all about building good playing habits. Now this doesn’t mean that you should watch your language or control yourself after a bad shot by not digging your club into the ground (although these are admirable traits); rather, it refers to developing habitual swing, grip and posture strategies that become natural after much practice.

So how does one achieve the forming of these new habits? Here are some suggestions.

  1. Baby steps

    If you’re looking to work on a firmer grip, keeping your head down during a shot, and more control on your backswing; don’t attempt all three at once. The secret to building good iron play habits is to improve on one habit at a time.

    Instead of trying to cram all your new iron play solutions into one drill, why not work on one until you’ve mastered it? Firstly you’ll improve on your new habits a lot quicker, and secondly you’ll be able to monitor your progress as you fit new habits into your practicing schedule.

  2. Weekly rotation of conscious habit forming

    While one improvement should be focused on at a time, choose one practice day per week where you try out all your new habits. This will keep old routines fresh, and establish new ones more firmly in your subconscious.

  3. Note to self

    Are you serious about improving your iron play? Show your dedication by keeping a list of detailed golf improvement goals in your golf bag or on your phone. Writing these out will help you to focus on them more clearly. You’ll also find yourself more mentally prepared before every practice session.

  4. Don’t give up

    It takes longer for some of us to form good habits than it does for others. The trick is to keep at it no matter how long it takes. Iron play encompasses many different aspects, so don’t beat yourself up if it’s taking longer than you expected.

  5. External improvements

    Frequenting the gym can also do a lot for your iron play. Keeping those hips flexible and the weight down to a minimum will make for a more comfortable swing in general. Yet another way you can show your dedication to iron play improvement.

As you’ve no doubt heard before: practice, practice, practice! If you’ve successfully developed one or more of the above habits, then slowly accustom yourself to one you haven’t yet mastered. Take it one habit at a time and you’ll soon see major improvements in your chipping.