Advanced Golf Tips: The Key To A Better Backswing

A good backswing can help golfers produce a winning shot. In some cases it depends on how you set yourself up for the shot. Some may have good setup but they make an error during execution which can make a big difference. When you set up for the backswing the key is to watch positioning of your shoulder. This is crucial because it helps you understand how your body rotates to make the backswing. Here are some tips to help see a better backswing.

Know Position Your Body Should Be

A mistake many players make is thinking they need to make their backswing go back far. The issue here is if you try to make your club go back further your positioning and balance can be thrown off. Instead think about where the shoulder of your right arm is positioned at the top of the backswing. When making your backswing your shoulder should be positioned under your chin. This allows other parts of the body to be in place to give more power and length to your backswing.

Turn Into Your Backswing

Your hips and torso should turn as you take your arms go back with the club. Think of it as turning the top portion of your body. Some golfers make the mistake of simply lifting their arms and making them go back, when more effort should be put into rotating your torso with your arms. When you do this it helps you establish a better grip and you can make the club go back further naturally instead of forcing it. You are working to create a good swing path for your downswing and it will encourage a smooth follow through.

Bend Your Knee Slightly As You Rotate

As you approach the top of your backswing consider bending your right knee slightly. This element along with good positioning behind the ball encourages good weight transfer as you go into your backswing. Keep in mind if you have a closed stance it can limit how much your hips rotate. You want your club to swing across and past your body during the shot. Your hands shouldn’t be too high when making your swing. If your hands are too high this could force your shoulder to stay away or go downward. When you swing your hands should come further out from your body to help your shoulder turn.