Top 7 Golf Tips For Scoring Low In Bad Weather Conditions

Many golfers have issues trying to keep their scores low during bad weather. It can be difficult to concentrate when the weather is a big factor. You may not be paying attention to the shot as well as you should. Maybe your equipment is not up for the task, or your setup needs work to help you make good contact with the ball. You need to consider possible mistakes you are making and look for ways to make improvements. Here are 7 tips to help you with scoring.

  1. Be sure to use the right golf club. When weather conditions change keep in mind the type of club to use that will help you. Make your choice depending on how you need to make contact with the ball and the condition of the ground.
  2. Be aware of patterns that could affect your results. This may include mental and physical patterns that could play a role in mistakes you keep making. Consider mistakes you have made in the past in similar situations. Was there something you wished you had done that would have given you a better result?
  3. Try to get some practice rounds in during different weather conditions, specifically putting and driving range if possible. If you have limited experience in playing when conditions are not perfect try playing some practice rounds when the weather is different to what you are used to. This gives you more mental and physical aspects to think about.
  4. Know how to read the greens and get an idea of how fast the ball will travel depending on weather conditions. Consider this if the greens are wet, if it’s raining or there is wind.
  5. Know when to use chipping shots. This may help you tackle large areas to help you stay within par. This is an option on certain plays that can help you make par in some cases.
  6. Be smart about your shots and be realistic. To keep scores low no matter the weather conditions, think about the result of your shot, but don’t try to hit it too hard or too fast when trying to hit it across the green.
  7. Get golf lessons or work with a seasoned player that has experience playing in different weather conditions. Working with someone who has more experience can pick out flaws in your play ability.