Golf Swing Guide: The Importance of Footwork

Many golfers don’t think about footwork as being a part of the golf swing, and that is a mistake. While you aren’t running around while hitting a golf shot, footwork is still very important and is one of the things that separates a successful golfer from a less-successful one. When you use your feet properly in the swing, they can help you guide the movement of your lower body and put everything in position for a powerful strike. Take the time on the driving range to work on your footwork and your game will benefit in the end.

Three of the main keys involved in good footwork are listed below –

  • Keep them quiet. While your feet play an important role in the swing, it is also important that they don’t do too much. You should be standing flat-footed for the most part throughout your swing, except at the finish when your right heel (for a right handed golfer) should come up off the ground. If you find that your feet are moving around at other parts of the swing or you are rocking back and forth from your toes to your heels, work on making a more balanced and controlled swing until your feet settle down.
  • Drive off the back foot. There is a reason golf shoes are designed to give you good traction on the turf – because you need that traction to push off of the ground and propel yourself through the shot. Use the ground to your advantage and drive your lower body forward as you initiate the downswing. The lower body is where all of your potential power is stored, and you can use your feet to access that power and add clubhead speed to the swings that you make.
  • Stay off toes at impact. A common mistake among amateur golfers is to stand up onto their toes at impact trying to create more speed in the swing. This is a big swing flaw and can make it very difficult to create solid contact consistently. Pay attention to your footwork through the impact area and make sure your feet are staying mostly flat on the ground. There is room for a little movement from side to side because you are rotating to the target, but be sure you aren’t pushing up too far onto your toes. Quiet feet make for better swing mechanics, and more consistency from shot to shot.