How Many Irons To Take To The Golf Course

Whenever you are watching a game of golf either on TV or if you are attending any of the tournaments, you will always see the players with a golf bag and a number of clubs in there. As a beginner you might be tempted to think that all you need is a really strong and durable golf club that you can use all through the game. However, this is not always the case. You need different clubs for different purposes. It is because of this reason that you see the players with bags and lots of clubs in there. So, the question that you might ask perhaps is how many clubs are you supposed to carry in your bag?

Professional players are allowed to carry up to 14 clubs. There are actually rules that insist on this, so there is no day you will find a professional player with more than 14 clubs. However, as a beginner there is no need for you to have all of these. This will be an unnecessary expense for you, one that you can effectively do without. To be precise, beginners only need perhaps 9 or 10 clubs. With is selection, it is easier for you to choose the perfect club for you as you are playing on the course, and you are also able to boost your performance on the green while practicing.

The following is a breakdown of all the clubs that you will need as you are playing, and why you need them:

  • Wedges and irons
  • Hybrid clubs
  • Woods
  • Putter

Wedges and irons

You do not necessarily need to have any iron labelled lower than 5 in your club set as a beginner. As a matter of fact at the moment even some of the finest players in the game prefer to get their hands on hybrids instead of the long irons

Hybrid clubs

Hybrids are a cross between the fairway woods and the iron. This is a very good club that will help you deliver a solid hit better than the woods and irons of the same description.


There is not a single golfer out there who does not have a driver or a #1 wood in their bag. This is a good one for teeing off on most par 3, 4 and 5 holes.


The interesting thing about this club is that there are hundreds of variations and styles from which you can choose, but rest assured that all golfers need them.