Finding a golf course in Algarve: Alto vs Alamos

Seeking a golf course in Algarve can be challenging when there are so many great options to consider. For the most part, it comes down to personal interests and what you want to do, along with what you are willing to spend. You can visit golf courses such as the Alto and the Alamos, but you will need to consider your personal situation to help you make your final decision. Factors to think about include interests of yourself and those you are traveling with, family friendly courses if you are traveling as a family, budget and spending allowance, and golf play experiences you want to have.

Alto and Alamos are Similar Courses with a Few Differences

Both of these courses are great options for new and advanced golfers. While one course is older than the other they each offer unique challenges you will find enjoyable. Both offer 18 holes at 70 and 71 respectively. The Alto offers great views of the beach and water which can be relaxing and different for golfers who want a tranquil background to play from. The Alamo features a more country club setting with plenty of woodlands and open grass you can admire for miles. Each club offers great discounts and reduced fees when you book ahead. Both clubs offer additional services such as a driving range, putting green and pro shop. You can choose to eat at the restaurant available onsite or eat out at nearby eateries close to the course. There are other fees you may need to compare such as green fees associated with playing golf, lessons if you choose to take them during your visit, and the use of equipment which can vary from one golf course to another.

So Which Course Should You Visit and Why?

The Alto and Alamo both offer great options but your budget, level of play experience, and personal interests will need to determine your final option. Both golf courses have received positive reviews. Some golfers claim they like the Alto because it is an older course and they like the atmosphere. Others claim they enjoyed their visit at the Alamo since it is one of Algarve’s latest courses to open in recent years. You can research nearby activities and even golf courses that may be in the vicinity. This is a good option when you want to practice more on the green while in Algarve.