How to Draw the Golf Ball: 3 Tips from Professional Players

The draw in golf is a shot that has a curve from one side to the other. If you are a right-handed when you make the shot the ball will curve from right to left, and vice versa for left-handed players. This means you need to determine the dynamics of how the ball should spin when it motion. The ball may have a minimal backspin but more of a roll motion. You need to determine how to hit the ball and how to aim your clubface to ensure you get the result you want. Here are 3 tips for how to draw a ball in golf.

  1. When gripping hands rotate clockwise. You should then aim to the right of your target. The clubface should remain square with your target line. A good grip in place will make it easier for your hands to rotate as needed. This element also helps you to get the ball moving the way you need it. Aiming right of your target with a square clubface will make the end result more positive with reduction of backspin activity.
  2. Use your feet to help you stay on the line when you swing. You want to make an inside outside path for the swing to travel. The club face at this point should be closed. Keeping your clubface closed is important and will help you swing in line and create the outside path essential to your swing.
  3. Your forearm may rotate a bit but let it occur naturally. A draw spin may occur when you close the clubface. This occurs when the toe of the club is slightly moving at the top of your heel. Keep an eye on how the club moves as you swing all the way through from your backswing to your downswing and through the shot. Once you have swung the club it may be just over your shoulder with your hips slightly rotated.

Additional Information to Remember for Draw Shots

Avoid creating a snap hook and try not to hold the club too tight. This may occur when you fail to allow proper release of the club when impact is made. In some cases your grip may be too tight creating additional pressure when the grip and wrist hinge should occur for club release.