How to Maintain the Right Spine Angle for Longer Drives

When you step up to the tee of a long par four or par five, it is only natural to want to hit the ball a little harder to maximize your distance and make the approach shot easier. You need to be careful when you try to hit the ball farther, however, because that can cause you to lose your fundamentals and make swing mistakes that send the ball off target. With practice, you can learn how to maintain your technique and still add a few extra yards to your drives.

Keeping the proper spine angle during your swing is one of the key fundamentals to keep track of while hoping to max out distance. The following tips will help you maintain your spine angle even if you are trying to generate a some extra power –

  • Add speed at the end. It is best to try to speed up your swing right as you are moving through the ball – and not before. If you try to build up extra speed earlier in the swing, it is more likely that you will lift up out of your posture and lose your good spine angle that you set at address. Make the first half of your swing look just like your usual swing, and then add a little extra effort through the hitting area to find those additional yards.

  • Stand a little taller. Depending on your normal stance for a driver shot, it might be helpful to stand a little taller at address in order to give you a little more room to swing the club on a longer path. However, it is still important to maintain that spine angle throughout the swing – just start with your body a little more upright and then try to hold that position as you rotate back and through.

  • Support it with your lower body. Trying to maintain your spine angle through an aggressive swing actually is more about your lower body than it is your back or your upper body. When your legs are engaged and your knees are flexed through the swing, you will find that it is much easier to hold your spine angle and make solid contact with the ball. Pay attention to your legs and how they work during the swing, and you will find that your spine angle actually takes care of itself.