5 Golf Long Game Fixes For Improving The Consistency Of Your Shots

Being able to play consistently with your long game in golf is extremely important. It is perhaps equally as important as the ability to score with your putter. Think about it this way, you have to be able to put the ball on the green first before you can putt, right? So that means you should still put quite a lot of time and effort on improving your long game. Here are a few easy fixes for you to improve your game instantly.

Shorten your swing right now

If you think swinging it longer and faster will give you more distance then you are wrong! In fact if your swing is too long, it will result in inconsistencies with your swing and you will actually struggle to hit the ball, let alone hitting it long. A simple drill to perform on the range would be to hit little half shots at a target. Keep doing that until you feel comfortable. For some people, swinging it short may feel weird and it could take some time to adapt.

Accelerate through the ball

What most people do when they have a poor feeling in the swing is to slow it down and try to compensate for their errors. However, this actually COMPOUNDS the errors and it results in even more troubles. What you should do is actually speed it up, not slowing your swing. Speeding it up would at least guarantee solid contact and you can worry about the other faults later!

Don’t dip down

Although the pros do that to generate more power, amateurs may not have the ability to time this movement that well and it would result in inconsistencies. Dipping down would help you hit the ball longer, but it would also require you to revert to your original position before impact. This movement is stressful to your body and it is very difficult. Don’t do it unless you go to the gym often!

Weight stays forward

Instead of going back and forth, try and maintain the weight towards the front side. This would help you in delivering a better impact position and you will find hitting your shots a lot easier.

Rotate your hips harder

Although this might be hard for some, rotating your hips harder would not only give you more distance, it would help with accuracy and consistency as well. So if you can’t rotate them, start going to the gym and work those muscles! It will really help your golf game and you will become a much better golfer.