How To Organize A Two-Day Golf Getaway In Algarve

Two days is just enough time to play golf and experience the best of Algarve. You don’t want to be too distracted by other events because you are there to play on some of the best courses in Europe. You also don’t want to worry about bad weather—which is why you chose Algarve in the first place, right? Short stays can cost you less if you are clever about the booking arrangements too. So when booking your getaway in Algarve, here are some important points to remember.

Try going when there is nothing else on

Algarve usually has festivals, events, and themed street parties throughout the year. If you are going for the sole purpose of playing golf, don’t let yourself get sidetracked by these events. Go to Algarve at a quieter time of year when there is very little on. Otherwise, stay in a region where these distractions won’t tear you away from your main objective; to play golf.

Weather is more of a concern on a two day getaway

If you’re only going to be in Algarve for two days, you want to make sure the weather is perfect for golfing. Don’t let some common weather missteps put you off the region for good. While Algarve is sunny almost all year round, there are some months where it does rain—so be sure to avoid these. You also want to make sure you don’t play a course that is known for extreme wind. Check the time of year and also make sure you know what course you will be playing.

No need to use an agent for such a short getaway

Booking through an agent is an unnecessary expense when staying for such a short time in Algarve. Browse the internet for some good deals and do the booking yourself. That way you can spend more money on the stay itself. Just be sure to check out the places you are staying at—as not using an agent requires diligence in making sure you are booking with a legitimate resort.

Stay close to your favourite course

Spend less time travelling across the Algarve and more time on the golf course. Decide where you want to play and plan ahead of time to stay close by. This way you will be making the most out of your stay and save money on travel costs too.