Professional Golfer's Advice On How To Spin Your Sand Shots

When a bunker has a high fringe, the only thing that will get it out is a good bunker shot that puts a decent spin on the ball. Making a spinning sand shot is exactly the same as making a normal bunker shot except for one small different. We’ll discuss all points related to this shot as well as the one extra trick that is needed.

  • Place more weight on your left
  • When addressing a bunker shot, always remember to place about 70% of your weight on the left. This must be done in accordance with the ground slant too. If the ground is slanted in any direction, make sure you slant your body the same way to accommodate. Once this is done, place most of your weight on the left foot and get ready for the shot.

  • Get down to a decent level
  • One more thing to do before you make your swing is to ensure that you are low enough to hit under the ball rather than the ball itself. A good way to do this is to dig your feet into the sand. However, if the sand is not soft enough, simply bend your knees until you are at the correct level (about one and a half inches lower than usual).

  • Aim for the sand and sweep under the ball
  • When you swing, be sure to hit the sand underneath the ball. If you sweep through it, it will thrust the ball up and forward. All these points have lead up to a regular bunker shot. But what if you wanted to add an extra spin in order to see it leap over a high fringe?

  • And now for the spin
  • To add a spin to your ball, all you need to do is open your clubface—and open it a lot. Before you take your grip, turn it until it is almost completely open. This won’t feel natural, but then this is not a natural shot, is it? With a flat clubface, your ball will spin as soon as it lifts off the sandy surface.

The sand shot spin is not a difficult shot to learn. Simply practice it when you practice your usual bunker shots. Try it with the spin and then without to get a feel for the difference. Then when you need either one, you’ll be ready to execute it.