Golf Mental Game Explained: 5 Basic Tips

A good part of golf does involve mental skill. This goes beyond understanding how you need to hit the ball in order to achieve the desired result. Golf requires a good amount of planning and being effective in how you apply what you learn. Golfers may not realize how much personal emotions and physical skills can really make a difference on your mental game. Here are 5 tips to help you understand how mental game can play a role in how you play on the course.

  1. Know your best moves. Part of your mental game includes knowing what you are good at. It is okay to take pride in what you do well, but how are you able to take this positive and make changes to your weaknesses? Your best moves give an idea of what areas you can work on. Your best moves can give you the confidence necessary to tackle even some of the most challenging plays you come across on the green.
  2. Outthink your opponent. When playing with an opponent sometimes players tend to think more about what their opponent does well. Then, when it is your turn to take your shot you want to outdo them. You need to be smart about how you take your shots and consider moves your opponent might take, especially if they are more skilled than you in a certain area. This helps you think more about your own abilities while working toward being a better player.
  3. Visualize play moves and results for more confidence. One element many players like to do is visualize making the shot. In a way this can help you think about actions you need to make in order to make it a reality. At the same time you should consider what you can actually do versus thinking about what you wish you could do.
  4. Play with your emotions, literally. Use energy from your emotions to help you play. Instead of getting upset about the shot you missed, work on channeling that energy into action you can take when taking your next shot.
  5. Stop using excuses and have a plan. Some players tend to have an excuse for everything when things don’t go their way. Even when having a good day on the course you need a plan to keep things in perspective.