Most Popular Golf Resorts in Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country with plenty of offer visitors, and that includes many great golf courses to experience. There are plenty of golf resorts around Portugal, and each of them has something a little bit different to offer. If you have your eyes set on a golf vacation somewhere in Portugal, you will want to do your research before you book a trip to pick out the golf resort that is the best fit for you and your friends or family. Once you are able to find the right resort that has the kind of golf and other amenities you are looking for, you can make your plans and start to look forward to the trip.

It is a difficult job to narrow down all of the popular golf resorts in Portugal. Instead, let’s look at what makes a golf resort popular, and you can decide for yourself which ones around Portugal rise to the top.

  • Quality golf courses. Obviously, the golf course itself is the most important element of a good golf resort. Even if a resort has all of the other amenities you are looking for – but lacks a quality golf course or two – it won’t be a great place to take your trip. Ideally, the resort you visit will have at least a couple courses so you can enjoy some variety during your stay.
  • Comfortable rooms. If you are going to stay on-site at the golf resort, you want to find a facility that has comfortable rooms to stay in for the duration of your trip. Read online reviews to get an idea of what past visitors are saying about the accommodations at a given resort – this will give you a good idea to what you can expect when you arrive for your vacation.
  • Close to other activities. Even if you are staying at a great resort, you will probably want to venture out at least a couple times during the trip to see what else the area has to offer. Resorts that are near to other tourist activities like museums or sight-seeing locations have an advantage over the competition. Do some quick research on the towns near any resort you are thinking of visiting to make sure there will be enough to do when the golf is done for the day. In a country as beautiful as Portugal, it would be a shame to miss out on the sight-seeing and other activities that should be experienced while you are in the area.