A List of Great Hints for Golf Practice

In golf, practice doesn’t make perfect. That old expression doesn’t apply to this game, because perfect golf is impossible. However, practice will make you better, provided that you know how to practice properly. Many golfers waste their time and energy on the practice tee by making swings that don’t have any purpose behind them, or they don’t even have a target for the shot. If you are going to spend your time practicing your game on the driving range, make sure you get the most out of that time.

Below is a quick list of some hints that you can use to get the most from your practice time.

  • Replicate your favorite course. If you have one course that you play more often than any other, try to use your practice time to work on shots that are required on that course. For example, if that course has a lot of dogleg right par fours, work on your left-to-right tee shots so you can handle those holes a little easier. Regardless of which features of your favorite course that you need to prepare for, there is no better time than the practice tee to get ready.
  • Dedicate half of your time to the short game. It is common to see an amateur golfer arrive at the golf course to practice, walk to the driving range to hit some balls, and then head back to the car – without once addressing the short game. This is a huge mistake. If you are going to get better at golf, and have that improvement actually translate onto the scorecard, you need to focus on your short game. As a good rule of thumb, try to dedicate half of your available time to the short game (putting, chipping, bunkers). If you are able to take this approach consistently, the performance of your short game should quickly improve.
  • Practice with a friend. Putting in practice time by yourself can be helpful to your game, but it isn’t always that much fun. To break up the routine and make sure you stay motivated, try practicing with a friend from time to time. You can challenge each other to hit different shots, offer advice on each other’s games, and just have fun on the driving range and putting green while also making progress on your game. Golf is a social game, and that aspect of it can certainly transfer to the driving range.