The Most Effective Method To Cure A Hook

Golf is an artistic game with a hundred defined tricks a player can imply to set a routine. A golfer faces challenges in all kinds of situations in the game and one who learns to tackle with them the best is called a pro. A hook is basically a draw shot which is overdone. Draw is a shot that curves to left side of where the player stands, if he or she is right handed and is usually the first shot played for a hole. Golfers often fail at perfecting at hooks and end up with low scores. We will share with you the most effective method to cure a hook.

Sometimes, in golf, you end up playing the very shot you were avoiding in the first place due to the swing you go for. Same goes for a hook. You think that by slowing your body turn to the left side, you will not, in any way, hit the ball to the left of your target. So you go for turning your upper torso to the left of the target, expecting the ball to follow the shot, which it does not.

What actually is true, ironically, is the total opposite of your usual perception of the shot. If you slow down at or even stop applying inset, which is turning towards the target, then also can your hands and arms whip through the hitting are and resulting in the ever feared snap hook as the clubface hits the ball high on target. What you need to make sure about curing a hook is that you have to keep on turning, also to make sure that the clubface does not get shut at impact. You have to trust this method while playing, it may be difficult to convince yourself in the first place but remember that it is the way to go. The best and most effective curing of a hook takes place when the golfer lets his hips and chest rotate until forward until the buttons on your shirt and the buckle of your belt point towards the very left of your target. This way, your ball will be kept in play and this method will also help you saving the clubface from flipping close.

This method is implemented by pros and professional golf teachers; not only does it make you look like you are a know-it-all golfer but also, it improves your game.