Fundamental Tips For Performing A 60-Yard Bunker Shot

For any amateur or professional golfer, the 60-yard bunker shot is one of the toughest to master. It is important to get the stance, grip and swing spot on. But in order to do so, it is first important to understand what a bunker shot is.

What is a bunker shot?

In order to master the bunker shot it is important to remember that in this shot you are not trying to strike the ball. Rather you have to strike the sand an inch or so before the golf ball. Basically your golf ball will fly out of the bunker with a cushion of sand. To ace this shot, you have to play the ball forward of center and ensure that the surface of the club is square at the moment of impact. It is important to keep your feet firm in the sand.

Another important factor you have to keep in mind while playing a bunker shot is that you will need to ensure that you have a good acceleration. The speed of the shot needs to be high so that you can move enough sand to get the golf ball out of the bunker. A high speed also produces spin on your bunker shots.

Tips for a 60-yard bunker shot

Now, coming to the 60-yard bunker shot. Here are a few tips in order to master one of the most difficult golf shots:

  • You should use an 8 or 9 iron club and play the shot like a greenside bunker shot. Since the club has less loft on it, the ball will travel further.
  • If you are using a club with less loft, you will have to make a bigger swing and with more acceleration.
  • Make sure you put most of your weight on your front foot and keep a constant stance during the shot.
  • It is necessary to hit the sand first and do not play it like a fairway bunker shot. A fairway bunker shot is one where you try to hit the ball first and then take a divot of sand.
  • Make sure that the face of your golf club is wide open, which means it should be turned clockwise. Thus when you hit the sand, this sends the golf ball up and increases the bounce angle.
  • Before taking the shot, you should shuffle your feet in the sand wedge in order to improve your stability.