5 Tips That Will Help You Win On The Oceanico Vilamoura Golf Course

The Oceanico Vilamoura golf course is located right in the heart of Vilamoura Algarve. For the golf enthusiasts who have had the chance of playing in Portugal, this is perhaps one of the best golf courses that you can play in. Oceanico Vilamoura golf course was designed by Frank Pennink. In his design, he brought forth a parkland layout in one of the oldest and most incredible courses in as far as golf courses in Portugal are concerned. This course has played a significant role in major golf tournaments in Europe and is currently one of the highly celebrated courses in the golf tourism industry in Portugal.

In the event that you are looking to win big on this course, the following are some of the incredible things that you must take into consideration:


One of the only ways for you to get a perfect and consistent swing is to ensure that you maintain a strong stance and keep it consistent. When you are playing on the Oceanico Vilamoura golf course in particular this is something that you cannot take for granted.


On this course, you should first understand the prevailing conditions before you make an attempt to start playing. This will certainly determine the kind of grip you keep when swinging. First of all, try never to keep a really strong grip, or holding the club rather too tightly for this will only ruin your game.


It is always advisable when you are playing in the Oceanico Vilamoura golf course to ensure that you maintain the alignment of the club. Before you start playing, ensure that you check and double check if possible to ensure that nothing is wrong with the alignment of the club

Pre-shot routine

Everyone has a pre-shot routine that they follow religiously from time to time. This is something that will go so far in helping you determine whether or not you are able to keep playing at the level that you desire. A good pre-shot routine on the Oceanico Vilamoura golf course will help you zone into the game or the shot before you do anything else.

Fixing your faults

Understand your faults and strive to have them fixed. A good player understands their faults first and then learns how to work hard towards improving on these faults.