Golf Swing Drills: Eliminating the Lateral Sway

To get a good swing in golf includes knowing how your hips should move in remain in place. Your hips play an important role in helping you create the perfect swing. Yet, every so often you may find yourself doing a little too much movement that contributes to swaying. If you sway as you swing your iron this could result in error when coming into contact with the ball. If you don’t have enough movement in your hips this could through your arms off track, making you hit the ball with too much force. So how do you remedy this problem? The following tips can help you understand what you can do to eliminate the lateral sway.

  • As you swing your hips should not sway. This could lead to pushing the ball and in some cases you may not be holding your swing for as long as you should.
  • Try a number of practice drills. There are several drills that can help you focus on how to hold the club as you swing. There are also drills to help you keep your balance. Use a resistance band that wraps around your waste. You can have a partner hold the band from behind or you can tie it to a door knob. The idea is to get an idea of how you move as you swing. The resistance of the band should move you in the direction your hips sway to. But, you rotate against the resistance when you pivot when making your backswing.
  • Work toward creating a smooth swing with power. You will need to make sure you have good weight transfer when you follow through your swing. This element is important as it will reduce or eliminate sway. If you have good weight transfer your hips will remain in line and help you create a smooth swing motion.
  • Pay attention to your pivoting. An incorrect pivot can lead to hip swaying. This can also reduce the amount of power you put into your swing. Good posture is a start along with a good setup.
  • Keep your legs under control. This will also help you get more power in your swing. Less leg movement will also help you establish control of your backswing. Your hips and shoulders should rotate as you swing through. You will notice a difference in results when you can keep your legs and hips in place and omit swaying.