Cheap Hotels For A Golf Break In Faro - An Overview

Faro is a thrilling place for golfers to visit but it can cost a good deal of money to reserve a hotel there. Fortunately, there are a few great options for you to choose from.

  • Ibis Faro Algarve
  • Alnacir
  • Solar das Palmeiras
  • Residence Golf Club
  • Boutique Hostel Boliqueime
  • Casal Das Alfarrobeiras
  • Parque das Amendoeiras

Ibis Faro Algarve

Available for less than $40 per night in some cases, this hotel is about one and a half miles from the center of the city. It features 81 guest rooms and an outdoor pool plus its own bar and lounge.


This is a little closer to the city’s center but it’s still affordable at less than $50 per night. It has a tour and golf reservation assistance service and 53 guest rooms.

Solar das Palmeiras

Available for a little more than $60 per night, this place outside the main center of the city features a series of apartments with full private kitchen areas and a shuttle service. You can even rent a car while at the hotel as there is an on-site service to use here.

Residence Golf Club

Rates at this hotel are often discounted to be closer to $60 per night. This resort is near a number of golf courses in the Faro area and features apartments near the beach plus a private garden and pool area. A kitchenette and balcony are included with most of the apartments here.

Boutique Hostel Boliqueime

The hotel rooms here are available for about $30 per night. Each guest room has its own private bathroom area and plenty of walking space in each room. An airport shuttle is available as well as breakfast services for guests to enjoy each day.

Casal Das Alfarrobeiras

This is also located about ten miles from the city center and has rooms for around $50 to $60 each night. Each room has a kitchenette while breakfast services are available each day. An outdoor pool and a shuttle to the airport and other places of interest around the area are both available.

Parque das Amendoeiras

This is another hotel located not too far from the beach. It is also available with rates from $60 per night. There are fifteen apartments here with each having its own kitchen. A bar and lounge are on site while breakfast services are available every morning.

These are all good choices for you to think about when looking for a great hotel for when you are in the Faro area for a golfing holiday. These hotel options not only contain plenty of attractive choices but they are also a whole lot more affordable than what you might expect to find.