Top 5 Attractions to See during Your Golf Holidays in Vilamoura

Having a golf holiday in Vilamoura can be a real treat. The area has significant historical elements that attract visitors from around the world. Along with great options for golf, you can visit a number of attractions that will leave your breathless. Many tourists have been pleased with their visit and recommend others to visit. With great food, entertainment, and affordable luxury accommodations in reach, there is no wonder why people enjoy visiting Vilamoura each year. Here are 5 attractions to consider for your golf holiday in Vilamoura.

  1. Avid golfers may want to visit more than one golf course as Vilamoura offers 6. Many golfers are excited to learn there are 6 different options for golfing throughout the area. You can decide to stay at a golf club or golf resort, and still be able to play some rounds at other courses nearby. Some courses are in a prime location to do other activities beside golf.
  2. Beach areas with plenty of boating and water activities. There are a few beach areas that have high ratings from visitors. The water temperature is good for swimming. You can take a boat ride or tour along the coastline or you can visit a number of shops and eateries right at the coast for even more enjoyment.
  3. Nighttime entertainment options including bars, restaurants and casino. A few casinos and bars have high ratings by visitors as there are a few that are popular for different reasons. You can enjoy great drinks, games, and other activities for adults. You can enjoy great food a number of ethnic restaurants known for quality seafood cuisine.
  4. Take a local tour through a course, sidecar or bike. There are a number of tour companies that offer affordable and fun tours throughout the area. This is a great option when you are not sure what you want to do or where you want to visit. A tour guide will help you learn about the area and make suggestions on where to go based on your interests. You may learn a thing or two on where to go close to where you are staying.
  5. Enjoy family-friendly attractions such as theme parks, theatres and sightseeing opportunities. A number of these activities are close together in location. In many cases you can walk to them without traveling too far. Such activities can be great for learning about Vilamoura’s history.