What You Have to Know About Golf Clubs

When you first start playing golf, you might think that golf clubs are pretty simple. After all, they are made up of a grip, a shaft, and a club head – how complicated could it be? Once you get more experience on the course and learn more about the game, however, you will find that there certainly is more to golf clubs than meets the eye. You don’t have to become a club expert, but it would help you to learn a little bit more about how golf clubs work and what you should be looking for in your set.

The following points are a few highlights of things that you should know about golf clubs.

  • The shaft is the engine. Most golfers pay attention first to the club head when shopping for clubs, but the shaft is really what makes the club go – and it is the part that needs to be matched perfectly to your swing. Getting the right club shaft will help you make the most of your swing, so consider doing a club fitting before you buy any new clubs to make sure you get a shaft that will work for your swing.
  • Personal preference counts. You can use online reviews and other methods to learn what other golfers think about certain clubs, but trust your own eye and feelings as well. When you try out new clubs, keep an open mind and you might be surprised at which models you like best. Remember, it doesn’t matter what other people think of your clubs – it only matters how you play.
  • Think about set construction. Some golfers carry an extra wedge and drop their four or five iron out of the bag. Others like to keep all of their long irons and only go with a couple wedges. It is certainly possible to play good golf using any number of different combinations of clubs, so think about what setup will work best for you and allow you to play to your strengths on the course.
  • Keep your grips fresh. Worn grips can make it very difficult to hit good shots – even with great golf clubs. Try to get in a habit of cleaning your grips after each round, and replace them before they get too worn out for you to keep control of the club throughout the swing.