7 Features Of The Vilamoura Laguna Golf Course

The Vilamoura Laguna Golf Course is a wide and open course that is easy to play as well as easy to access. Its appeal lies mainly in the fact that one can travel to this course from Faro airport or from one of the many accommodation facilities in the area. Here’s a rundown on some of the course’s features.

  1. Course fee forms part of many hotel and golf resort specials
  2. Many hotels and resorts in the area have course fee specials which form part of their accommodation fees. If you are staying near to the Vilamoura Laguna Golf Course, check with your hotel or golf resort to see if they offer special course fees.

  3. The course is easily accessible from Faro airport
  4. The Vilamoura Laguna Golf Course is only a 25 minute drive from Faro airport. This makes accessing it easy and fairly instant once you land in Portugal.

  5. Most of the fairways on the course are wide
  6. The course boasts some wide open fairways which make for easy playing. However, this will still call for good distance in your shots which may be made difficult by the sometimes windy conditions of the course.

  7. There is a bar and restaurant on the premises
  8. Those who enjoy a drink and a meal after a game will be happy to know that there is a fully licensed restaurant at the club. It has a separate bar area for those who simply want to watch some sport and have a drink.

  9. The course possesses very few slopes
  10. For the most part, the Vilamoura Laguna course is quite flat. This may add to the ease of play but in no way makes the course unchallenging in terms of obstacles, bunkers and water hazards.

  11. There are few trees to hinder the openness of the course
  12. Trees are either in small groups or stand single in random parts of the course. This allows the player to focus more on the course’s bunkers rather than tall obstacles.

  13. The course hosts a fully-stocked golf shop on the premises
  14. There is an on-premises golf pro shop which boasts the same kind of stock you would see in golf shops in your own country. If you happen to need anything while on your trip, this store is sure to have it.

While the course has strict rules on attire and etiquette, it’s an excellent course to visit. So don’t hesitate to stay in the area and try it out.