What Is The Toughest Golf Course In Algarve?

If you were to ask locals in the Algarve which golf course is the most challenging, most would answer Benamor. This course has challenged the most advanced players around the world and has even featured at the playing ground for some high profile tournaments. Let’s take a look at the Benamor golf course and see what makes it so relentless.

Two extremely difficult holes

While all the holes are quite hard on this course, two stand out as exceptionally difficult. The fifth hole is said by some to be the hardest they have ever played. This is not your run of the mill hole—it requires a keen eye and careful strategy to beat. Getting par on the eighth hole is just as difficult. While the length of the hole is less than half that of the fifth, most players achieve nothing less than a double bogey.

Difficult to putt

As if the overall course wasn’t hard enough, what will really get you frustrated is how hard the putting is. Large fairways—many of them riddled with wavy slopes—demand impeccable putting. If you do land on the fairway, you’ll hope it’s close to the hole. If not, you may find yourself putting back and forth without much luck. Think carefully about putting, because even if your long play is intact, the putting can mess it up in a second.

Many obstacles

Getting out of the tree area is a nightmare and will cost you your low score if you fall prey to it. Various water features also present a challenge along certain holes, and large bodies of water such as lakes and streams will have you cringing at a midair slice.

Trees, trees, and more trees

There is a fair amount of trees on the Benamor golf course and these will either direct your ball along the green, or swallow it up for you. Much of this forest was present before the course was even built, so you may feel as if you are invading the natural habitat of the trees. There will be times when you cannot imagine getting past certain large sections of trees, but always take a second look and plan your strategy carefully.

This course is just what you need to put your skills to the test. If you happen to get a bad score, try it again and let Benamor teach you real golf.